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Attorneys at David F. Vedder P.A. Successfully Obtain Inadmissibility Waiver; Immigrant Visa Issued to Chinese Client

Navigating the immigrant visa process can often become a frustrating labyrinth leading nowhere.

The process may be further complicated when the applicant, rightly or erroneously, is found to be inadmissible to the United States. Legal representation by experienced immigration law attorneys versed in consular processing and the preparation of inadmissibly waiver applications is critical to successful visa issuance.

Attorneys David F. Vedder and Silvia Manzanero recently obtained approval of an inadmissibility waiver and secured an immigrant visa for a Chinese national who, after a year of failed attempts to obtain an immigrant visa, is finally able to immigrate to the United States with her U.S. citizen husband, a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, and the couple’s six year old U.S. citizen child.

Vedder and Manzanero challenged an initial determination by a U.S. Embassy in China that their client was inadmissible, and accordingly, the need for an inadmissibility waiver. Manzanero prepared a compelling response to a request for evidence to an I-601 waiver application filed by the client pro se which clearly demonstrated the extreme hardships that the client’s U.S. citizen spouse – and their minor child - has suffered as a result of his spouse not being able to immigrate to the United States .

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services swiftly and unequivocally approved the inadmissibility waiver in record time, clearing the way for Vedder’s and Manzanero’s client to obtain approval of her immigrant visa. The fact that the client was erroneously found inadmissible was mooted by the waiver grant.