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Permanent Residency Obtained for Canadian-born Indian

David F. Vedder, P.A. recently secured a green card on behalf of a Canadian-born member of an Indian tribe. Upon consulting our office to develop a strategy for obtaining permanent residence in the United States, our attorneys discovered that our client’s Indian heritage made her immediately eligible for a green card based on the Jay Treaty, signed in 1794, and still in force today. The treaty allows for free passage rights between the United States and Canada for individuals meeting the following qualifications: (1) possess 50% American Indian blood, (2) were born in Canada, and (3) have proof of ancestry via official documentation from a tribe recognized by the federal government of the United States or Canada.

We recommend individuals meeting the above qualifications that desire to reside in the United States contact our office so we may assist in obtaining a green card by requesting a creation of record of lawful permanent residence at a local USCIS field office. The attorneys at David F. Vedder, P.A., are well versed in this area of law and have the ability to assist both qualified individuals already in the United States and those contemplating a move from Canada.