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Losing Birthright Citizenship Could Be a Disaster

Many of the GOP candidates in the public eye right now are pushing some form of immigration reform or another, including the end of birthright citizenship as it is granted in the 14th Amendment. Supporters of this notion claim that it could save taxpayers significant amounts of money, open up countless jobs, and generally clear up citizenship confusion across the country. Opponents of these claims believe it would result in a bureaucratic disaster.

What Could Happen If Birthright Citizenship Is Eliminated?

An article recently published by the Huffington Post (click here to view it in full) outlines several historical examples of countries that wiped out birthright citizenship, or never fully allowed it, and the problems that permeated due to it.

The countries they cite include:

  • Germany
  • Dominican Republic
  • Japan
  • Kuwait

People in these countries frequently faced discrimination, sometimes violence, when their citizenship was taken away. In most cases, it became nearly impossible for unrecognized citizens to find work. Children, regardless of age, were suddenly not permitted a formal education. In effect, they were stateless citizens, belonging to technically nowhere and protected by no government.

If birthright citizenship is removed through the alteration of the 14th Amendment, it is entirely possible that children born on American soil to illegal immigrants would suddenly face a wave of problems. Whether or not it would be as dramatic as some of the examples the Huffington Post included is up for debate. The underlying message in all of this, however, is that immigration is a hot button issue in our country right now that requires serious attention.

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