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Miami Herald: No Jail for Child Immigrants

The Miami Herald has recently released an editorial – seen in full here – that aims to bring the attention of the American public back to immigration issues that it deems to be of utmost importance. According to the article, recent political rhetoric stemming from presidential campaigns are nothing more than puffery and hot air; nothing of use that would actually address the problems surrounding immigration laws and reform.

One news story that the Miami Herald believes requires far more attention than it has currently garnered revolves around the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). When a young child – attended by a parent or not – is caught illegally crossing the border, they are to be kept in a safe facility geared towards the care of minors, and only for the briefest amount of time possible. Instead, reports and inspections suggest that upwards of 1,400 children and their parents are being kept in “deplorable”, prison-like conditions for unspecified lengths of time.

What Will Happen to These Young Detainees?

Judge Dolly M. Gee of the Federal District Court for the Central District of California has gone after the DHS for failing to uphold the rights of these immigrants. She has called for new measures to improve conditions and facilitate expedient processing. The DHS must comply in full by October 23rd, 2015, or face severe consequences.

The Miami Herald finishes its editorial by citing that the DHS’s failure to treat young immigrants fairly is a disregard for our own laws. Additionally, they believe it brings into question who we truly are as a nation.

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