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TRAC Report Finds ICE Detainers Still Not Targeting Serious Criminals

The Transactional Records Access Clearing House (TRAC) has recently released a report – which can be seen in full here – which addresses detainer use by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and some of the results are quite shocking.

One of ICE’s primary functions is to catch potentially dangerous immigrants, or those that have committed criminal acts, and prevent them from disappearing elsewhere. Most of the time, this is done through temporary detainments, which can either lead to eventual release or imprisonment. While there has been a steady drop in detainers since late 2014 – 30% fewer, actually, at only 7,993 in April 2015 – the number of criminals being detained is surprisingly low.

According to what TRAC collected, only 32% of all people detained by ICE in April 2015 had ever been convicted of a crime – 12% had only been convicted of misdemeanors or infractions. This means that for every person detained who had committed a felony, there were four others who had not. The contrast there is massive, and it is not going unnoticed.

What Can Be Done About ICE Detainments?

A while back, ICE announced a plan that detailed how they would only detain individuals who had been “convicted of specifically enumerated [serious] crimes” and yet the data speaks otherwise. Are there really that many suspicious immigrants out there? Or has ICE simply failed to effectively enact their own plan?

The answers are not completely clear just yet, and more data will likely need to be gathered before anything definitive can be said. If April’s results are typical, however, the overall situation and the people’s trust in ICE to perform their duty will not be looking good.

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