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Washington Post: ICE Immigration Arrests of Noncriminals Double Under Trump

The Washington Post reports that immigration arrests rose 32.6 percent in the first few weeks of the Trump administration, with ICE arresting 21,362 immigrants from January 2017 through mid-March 2017, compared to 16,104 during the same period last year. While most of the arrests were of immigrants with criminal convictions, arrests of immigrants with no criminal records more than doubled, rising to 5,441. ICE's Atlanta office arrested the most immigrants who had never committed any crimes, making nearly 700 arrests. Philadelphia had the biggest percentage increase, with 356 noncriminal arrests, more than six times as many as the year before. Immigration detainers also rose during this period to 22,161—a 75 percent jump from the previous year. Read this story and more in AILA's daily immigration news clips.