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GOP Immigration Meeting Fails to Produce Compromise

Fractured House Republicans emerged from an unusual caucus meeting Thursday with no final deal on how to proceed with protecting young immigrants. Moderate GOP members are just three signatures away from forcing votes on a number of immigration bills—which would likely result in the passage of a bill favored by the Democrats—but for now, they’re holding off.

If the two Republican factions are unable to reach an agreement on how to address immigration before later this week, moderates may proceed with their discharge petition, a legislative tool that can be used by a majority of members to bypass House leadership and force votes. Using the discharge petition, Republicans would put four different immigration measures up for a vote, including the Dream Act.

Trump ended protections for the DREAMers last year by stopping Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which grants legal status and work permits for approximately 700,000 undocumented students and young adults in the U.S. He gave Congress 6 months to find an answer, but lawmakers have done nothing.

Republican leaders oppose the discharge petition, arguing that it is not conservative enough to earn the support of the president. While conversations have been ongoing, they have yet to yield any genuine results.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he would reveal a possible compromise bill in the coming days, but offered zero details on how he would bridge the deep divide within the GOP. "We have the right kind of conversations happening, and the next step is to start putting pen to paper so we can get legislation to the floor," Ryan told reporters.

For now, young immigrants live under a cloud of uncertainty.

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