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Border Wall Talks May Be Dead Before They Can Even Begin

According to reports coming out of Washington this week, the U.S. government’s big border wall talks may be over before they have even begun. Politico is reporting that congressional negotiators’ efforts to come to an agreement appear dead, after Democrats have dismissed the idea of compromising on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Republicans remain skeptical they will be able to come up with an agreement broad enough to satisfy the President before the February 15th deadline.

For the Democrats’ part, they believe that temporary action on DACA would only stall permanent protection for young undocumented immigrants in the long-run. Meanwhile, the Republicans are struggling to find a way to come up with more than a fraction of the $5.7 billion President Trump has asked for to secure the southern border. As the two sides remain stuck at this impasse, speculation continues to grow that the President will declare a national emergency to build a border wall, as he has previously threatened to do, or that the government will shut down again when temporary funding expires on Feb. 15th.

Politico states that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) would likely go along with a smaller agreement, on the condition that it keeps the government open. At the same time, several congressional Democrats appear to be coming around to allocating some new funds for a border fence. Trump has stated he’s spoken with Democrats who want to strike a deal on a wall and protection for Dreamers (also known as young undocumented immigrants,) though none of these legislators have come forward.

Border Talks Fall Apart

A year ago, Democrats were more open to any kind of immigration protection, as the government shut down after they could not secure deportation guarantees for DACA recipients. Yet as Trump and the Republicans continue to fight for money to build a wall, the Democrats are increasingly dug in on holding them accountable for past policy moves, such as killing a bipartisan proposal which would’ve provided $25 billion for a wall and a path to citizenship for Dreamers. Representative Steny Hoyer (D) has announced plans to bring new legislation to aid Dreamers and other immigrants with Temporary Protective Status to the house floor, though it is unclear how comprehensive this action would be, and when the proposal would go into effect. Democrats now face less pressure to find a permanent DACA solution, following the Supreme Court’s decision not to take up Trump’s attempt to end the program.

While they have made it clear that DACA is not up for negotiation at the moment, House Democrats are likely to agree to several billion dollars in border security funding, even as they remain unwilling to allocate additional money for a wall. Although as much as $5 billion was initially on the table for law enforcement and technology, that figure has been significantly reduced.

There are 17 bipartisan lawmakers on the conference committee tasked with negotiating border security funds. Ultimately, the committee will have to weigh whether to bring the President a modest deal, which he is unlikely to sign, or to hold out for a compromise on a larger agreement, which the President wants but is unlikely to get. “I’ve tried to work with this administration on issues involving immigration with a great level of frustration,” said committee member Dick Durbin. “I do not want to take so many innocent people whose fate is hanging in the balance of this political debate and start off with the premise that we have a likelihood of solving their problem.”

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