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Getting an Appointment with USCIS InfoMod (formerly InfoPass)

At David F. Vedder, P.A., we understand that many clients need to visit USCIS offices for a variety of important and emergency services—such as getting an emergency passport stamp, fixing an error, paying a fee, obtaining documents, and so on. Previously, individuals could either walk-in or make an appointment in the InfoPass web portal. However, under new USCIS rules, individuals can no longer walk-in without an appointment. USCIS has also eliminated its web portal. Instead, individuals must make an over-the-phone InfoMod appointment.

The following are important things you need to know about the new procedure for InfoMod (previously InfoPass) appointments:

  • Call the USCIS Contact Center: Call 1-800-375-5283 to get started. You will first be directed through the voice response system to see if your question can be answered through automated responses. Make sure you have your full name, address, case Receipt Number, Form Number, and alien number handy.
  • Tier 1: After navigating the various voice prompts, you can speak to a Tier 1 representative (likely a USCIS contractor) who will attempt to determine if, in fact, an in-person appointment at a local field office is needed to resolve a particular issue. The Tier 1 representative will only speak to the Applicant or the legal representative of record. If the issue is deemed appropriate for an InfoMod appointment, the representative will escalate the issue to a Tier 2 officer (USCIS Officer).
  • Tier 2: If your case was escalated to Tier 2, you will receive a call back from a USCIS officer, typically within 24-72 hours. The USCIS officer will then schedule an InfoMod appointment. Please note that callbacks have been reported as being received after normal business hours and on weekends. So, it is important to keep your ringer on and phone handy until you get the call back, otherwise, you will have to start all over again from step #1. It also may be helpful to make the initial call early in the day to ensure same-day service.

If you get an officer who does not seem to know what they are doing and/or refuses to set an InfoMod appointment for you, you can try again from step #1. A different officer may provide you with a different answer.

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