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DFVPA Helps Two Clients Obtain Immigrant Visas

On October 18th, David F. Vedder, P.A. helped two clients obtain immigrant visas at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Case #1: Citizenship & Permanent Residency Status for Husband & Wife

The first case involves a husband and wife who came to DFVPA six years ago for assistance. At the time, the wife was a lawful permanent resident and her husband had no lawful status in this country, having entered the U.S. without inspection years earlier. First, we helped the wife become a U.S. citizen. Next, we guided the clients, step by step, through the lengthy process of obtaining an I-130 approval, a waiver of inadmissibility for the husband and, finally, an immigrant visa for the husband at Ciudad Juarez. After entering the U.S. without inspection at age 14 and residing in the U.S. for 20 years without lawful status, our client will now return to this country as a lawful permanent resident!

Case #2: Expedited I-601 Application Approval for Wife of Military Veteran

In the second case, DFVPA successfully assisted our client, the wife of a decorated U.S. military veteran, in obtaining approval of an I-212 application for consent to reenter the U.S. after entry of an order of removal. Then, after the consulate unfairly found our client inadmissible for misrepresentation, we guided her through the process of seeking an expedited waiver of misrepresentation at the USCIS Field Office in Mexico City. While I-601 adjudications generally take a year (during which time the applicant must wait outside the U.S.), USCIS approved the expedited I-601 application in 22 days. Our client will soon be returning to the United States as a lawful permanent resident.

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