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Daytona Immigration Attorney David F. Vedder Gives Opinion on Border Wall

The Reality on the Border: How Much will a Wall Really Help?

Not all issues affecting the U.S. border are easily solved by a $5.7 billion barrier proposed by President Donald Trump to address what he calls a security crisis. The debate raging between the democrats and republicans is unlikely to end any time soon. In fact, it was the refusal of the democrats in the Congress to fund the border wall that led to a record-breaking 3-week government shutdown that’s still dragging on with no end in sight.

Asylum Seekers: Not All Who Cross the Border Attempt to Elude Capture

Asylum seekers are those who cite a fear of being targeted because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinions or social group in their own country, and hope to win asylum to escape persecution. In 2018, nearly 93,000 people expressed a desire for asylum, up from 56,000 migrants in 2017. Only 10% of these cases were eventually granted.

Visa Overstays will Not Change if There Is a Wall

Many people who successfully manage to immigrate illegally do so by overstaying their visa. In fact, data shows that 40% of people nationwide who came to the county illegally stayed with an expired visa. A wall would have no effect on this problem.

Would a Concrete Wall Actually Deter Illegal Crossers?

The practicality of building a $5.7 billion wall taking years to construct with modern technology is under intense scrutiny. While President Trump calls the proposed wall “impenetrable,” some wonder if crossers may opt to go under the wall with tunnels, which have already been used for drug smuggling. Border Patrol agents also worry that inability to see through the wall would impede their ability to anticipate and mobilize in the event of an attack.

The way many immigration experts see it, President Trump’s wall would have little impact on illegal immigration – not to mention the fact that the billions of dollars spent constructing it could be better spent on something else, opponents say.

Border security is an issue in the U.S., as it is the result of illegal drugs coming into the country and other types of crime. However, I believe a wall is not the answer to border security, and it would be a mammoth expenditure better spent on something else the country needs, like a better education system, for instance.

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