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“Thank you all at the David F. Vedder, P.A., and Alex Wiker for being there on the day. Professional service from start to finish.”

Roderick McPhail
Dec 17, 2020

“The attorney Alexander Wiker and staff were very helpful. Quick to respond and very professional. They gave us very clear, step by step instructions on how to work our case and the whole process went smoothly despite the challenges presented to us due to COVID-19. I would recommend their services as it was an overall excellent experience!”

G. L.
Oct 13, 2020

“Hi Mr. Vedder, I am so glad I came upon your ad on Facebook! I am from Honduras and you helped me years back through a rough battle with my biological father. Through the courts in Daytona, I was awarded to the state as the end result. Thank so much for fighting for my stay here in the U.S. I have always remembered you. Thank you so much as I have had a better life because of you.”

S. A.
Jul 14, 2020

“Excellent work and professionalism of David Vedder’s team. It is a stressful and difficult process and we would be waiting if you were not together with us, giving support and attention. We would like to thank you guys for all. We are grateful for your help and highly recommend it.”

Veruska F. Brawner
Apr 12, 2020

“If I could put it on a blimp or pray to the God of the universe then I would ask the stars to align and spell out Dylan Tessier’s name in bold print. Dylan is true humanitarian, a rear diamond, a pot of pure gold at both end of the rainbow. She had gone literally above and beyond to assist me in this journey. Although the journey isn’t over and gets overwhelming at times Dylan Tessier is always there to answer any question via telephone or email. I applaud you Dylan and I sing the praises of your selflessness. May the God of heaven truly bless you. Thanks for all you do. I always smile after talking to you.”

Feb 18, 2020

“Thank you David Vedder’s office for all the great help! Definitely recommend this office to anyone that is seeking immigration services! Overall we are very pleased with the great reliable, honest, and time sensitive service offered to us. Thank you David, Dylan, Barbara, and Silvia for all your great help!! And to all the staff as well, for being helpful and answering our concerns at the time needed. Thank you and God bless you all!!”

Alma & Jose
Nov 12, 2019

“The Vedder law firm displayed real expertise and gave personal attention to our case. We are happy with the results.”

Nov 04, 2019

“I have used Mr. Vedder for more than 20 years, and have been very happy with his service. My wife recently received her US citizenship and this process went very smoothly and quickly. I thoroughly recommend this company.”

T. T.
Oct 01, 2019

“This office is a great combination of skilled attorneys, with years of experience and an endless of winning immigration cases list. Great communication, and customer service; they know how to treat a client! No hidden fees, all explained since the moment before you sign anything. I would highly recommend!”

A. P.
Oct 01, 2019

“Everyone at David Vedder’s office was very helpful throughout the long process of getting my husband’s immigration status corrected. They were patient caring and very knowledgeable of the law. We are very grateful to everyone at the law office of Attorney David Vedder.”

M. D.
Oct 01, 2019

“You get what you pay for. The experience and expertise of David and his staff made the process much easier than expected. A super big thanks to Arin. Highly recommend.”

J. E.
Oct 01, 2019

“The Lawyers are extremely knowledgeable, nice and thoroughly professional. Their team was courteous and helping all the time. A special thanks to Amanda, for personally guiding me and advising at various steps. I definitely recommend to everybody, in fact already recommended a couple of my friends to the office.”

V. R.
Oct 01, 2019

“My husband and I tried to complete the paperwork ourselves. We got as far as the final interview then the case just went stagnant. We decided we needed to hire an attorney. Mr. Vedder’s firm was right on top of everything, meeting with us and helping us achieve the happy ending we were looking for! Thank you so much for making my husband’s dream of citizenship coming true!”

Meri & Omar Badran
Oct 01, 2019

“If you’re looking for an Immigration law firm David Vedder and his staff are the way to go!! They worked on my husband’s process from beginning to end!! Silvia is amazing and ready to answer any questions or concerns throughout the process!!! We highly recommend David Vedder and are now referring family and friends to him!!! Thank you, David Vedder and staff, for your amazing work and making sure our family stayed together ❤”

E. Z.
Sep 03, 2019

“Excellent work guiding us through a very complex rare situation. Mr Vedder, Mrs Tessier and staff hard work paid off with a successful adjudication of Permanent Residence Application. We are grateful for their help and highly recommend.”

Robert S
Mar 11, 2019

“Thank you all for your services at DAVID VEDDER Law Firm! My husband and I appreciate your professionalism! My application was approved and I have received my permanent resident card.!! It’s been a pleasure working with you! We will definitely be recommending you to others who need your services Thank you!”

Oct 05, 2018

“David Vedder’s team is very reactive and very efficient. High Professionalism, Good case understanding, Very good support. I would highly recommend David Vedder for your case!”

Delphine P.
Oct 05, 2018

“Very satisfied. Almost painless. In immigration matters timely results matter Mr. Vedder and all of his associates and staff were highly professional and effective.You get what you pay for. In some decisions in life cheap will suffice. Immigration is an area where I wanted the best and very happy I paid to have it done efficiently, timely and painlessly. A very special thank you to our main point of contact Arina. She is simply the best: Knowledgeable, efficient, professional and always accessible. I highly recommend the Office of Mr. Vedder for immigration matters.”

James V.
Oct 05, 2018

“I was in limbo for 40 years, we have sought assistance from “the best immigration lawyers” in Florida but they cannot find a solution to my situation.After my husband passed away, I made a last ditched effort to find another immigration lawyer and “really” find out if I will be living in limbo for the rest of my years. I am 66 years old, been in the U.S.A. for 45 years, paid my taxes and I need closure. I looked for a lawyer as far as Miami (I won’t go there again!), and finally decided to get a local attorney that I can visit and talk to in person. I found David Vedder online, I checked his credentials and I made the call. Our first conference was very informative and he gave me the feeling of reassurance that there is a good chance of success. He perused through the stack of papers I gave him and started the process. He was very thorough and his staff informed me of what is happening the whole entire time. Within seven (7) months, we got the results… I am very happy and thankful that I found him and will highly recommend him to anyone with immigration problems. His wealth of knowledge and ideas on how to approach the situation is boundless. My confidence that he can help me was felt the very first time I shook his hand…Thank you very much Mr Vedder for all your help….”

Anonymous Client
Oct 05, 2018

“To the entire team at David F. Vedder, P.A., Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel toward all of you for what you have done for me and my family. Your hard work and devotion to our case has afforded us a new lease on life and I am forever grateful to you for that. It was 4-plus years ago when unfortunate circumstances led us to your offices, and while during all this time we have had many doubts about whether I would be able to spend the rest of my life here with my family, you were always the one source of reassurance that everything would be all right… as long as we had a good deal of patience and a great strategy. While our patience wore thin a number of times, your strategy delivered in spades! Mr. Vedder, you were absolutely phenomenal in your approach to winning my very complicated case and I thank you for the personal interest you took in this matter to giving my life back to me. I have no doubt you do this for all your clients. And how could you not be successful given all the talent you have surrounding you! Julie, I don’t know how I could ever have gotten through all that paperwork without your help. Your attention to detail and fortitude to follow-up and keep me informed as well as responsible for what was owed by me gave me much needed confidence that I was well-represented and never forgotten. Daniel was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was very impressed by how well you were prepared to assist in my case, not to mention the most gracious, courteous and caring demeanor you portrayed in every regard. Jacqueline, thanks for always taking my call and providing the convenience in keeping my account current. Thanks also for your patience when I did not call in time! There will hopefully never be a circumstance such as this again in our lives, however I will say that if it were to happen, we would look no farther than to all of you for assistance. We recommend the firm of David F. Vedder, P.A., to anyone and everyone dealing with the complexities of immigration matters no matter how trivial or complicated. You are talented and knowledgeable, and above all humble and patient in your approach to tackling cases for a successful outcome. Each and every one on the team is extremely professional and courteous to the point where we felt very comfortable discussing difficult issues and circumstances that led to my troubles. We are deeply thankful and forever grateful to you for your personal attention and successful execution in my matter.”

Oct 05, 2018