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Reaffirming Our Fight for Inclusive Justice in Turbulent Times

Our Immigration Lawyers Emphasize Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality

The violent, systemic injustice that led to the deaths of George Floyd, Christian Cooper, Breonna Taylor, and countless others must stop. Clearly, changing the abhorrent structural racism in the United States is easier said than done. This momentous task has been furthered by countless advocates and social movements from the earliest days of this country: anti-slavery, anti-segregation, anti-lynching, anti-eugenics, anti-assimilation, the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Freedom Movement, Black Lives Matter, and the list goes on. In recent weeks, people of all races and backgrounds have come together to peacefully protest under the banner of #BLM. We owe it to our colleagues of color to listen to their messages of anger and frustration with this country.

As immigration attorneys, we at David F. Vedder, P.A. are conscious of many of the stigmas and problems facing people of color in our country. Immigrants, particularly immigrants of color, have always been a historically disenfranchised group. We strive in all endeavors to emphasize our principles of diversity, inclusion, and equality in our work; and recent events compel us to reassert our pledge and commit to do even more. These core values must inform everything our firm does, and we must work to dismantle racial injustice every single day.

To that effect, we continue to emphasize our team’s education on recognizing and combatting systemic racism both in and out of the courtroom. We are devoting resources to continue dialogues on racial injustice and how we can work to create a more just world. As legal professionals, we are conscientious of our firm’s actions and position in a justice system that is presently not working for everyone.

This work cannot wait until the pandemic ends. We at David F. Vedder, P.A. stand in solidarity with people, communities, and colleagues of color and vow to continue to look for opportunities to be active in the fight for social justice and reform.