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Some Helpful Florida Voting Resources

At David F. Vedder, P.A., so many of our clients face tremendous hardship over many years on their paths to obtaining status as U.S. citizens. One of the most valuable benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen is the right to participate in our great democracy—by voting.

Unfortunately, merely having the right to vote does not necessarily ensure everyone CAN vote. Incredibly, election day is still not a national holiday in the U.S. As a result, many working people must face the difficult choice of voting or working. This year with Covid-19, the lines at the polls will undoubtedly be especially long. This means that those people voting at the polls will need to take off even MORE time.

To help ensure everyone not only has the right but also actually can vote, we have compiled a short list of helpful resources for Florida citizens:

  • If you can’t (or don’t want to) vote in person, try voting by mail. The deadline to request a mail-in ballot is 10/24/20 (but don’t wait until the last minute). Request a mail-in ballot here:
  • If you don’t trust the post office to deliver your ballot, you can personally drop off your ballot at an Early Voting Site (see next bullet point)
  • If you want to beat the crowds, you can vote early. All you need to do is drop off your mail-in ballot at an official DropBox at an Early Voting Site between October 19 and November 1, 2020 from 7AM to 7PM (at certain sites such as the DeLand site, you can drop off a ballot on November 2-3 as well). Here are Early Voting Sites in Volusia County:

Finally, in order to ensure everyone can vote, David. F. Vedder, P.A. is awarding all our employees four (4) civic hours to be used for voting purposes. These hours can be used at any time on or before Election Day.