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Good news for Florida family as deported mom prepares for reentry

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Immigration Law

Alejandro Juarez made national headlines and became the subject of one of Netflix’s hottest documentaries after her deportation. Recently, President Biden overturned former President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy. For Ms. Juarez and the family she left behind three years ago, this is good news. She is now permitted to reenter the U.S. in full compliance with the law.

The Juarez backstory

Ms. Juarez fled Mexico due to death threats as a teenager with an imperfect understanding of the English language. She admittedly lied to a border patrol agent by declaring that she was an American citizen. During her interrogation, Juarez signed documents written in English to avoid detention. Unfortunately, at that time, she did not understand what the documents said.

Ms. Juarez married a Florida Marine veteran, had two kids and became a productive member of society. During this time, she tried to rectify her immigration status repeatedly, but the paperwork she signed without her understanding continued to bar her way. Finally, in 2018, she was deported back to Mexico.

Although her return is not a permanent solution, the story highlights the power of determination. Without the zero-tolerance immigration policy, more families can experience the happiness the Juarez family is currently enjoying. Ms. Juarez now has an excellent chance of continuing her efforts to remain in the U.S. alongside her family.

Those in need of help with individual or family immigration should consider utilizing the services of an experienced immigration law firm. In many cases, legal guidance can help foreign nationals avoid mistakes and find the right path to entering and remaining in America legally.