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Dissatisfaction noted regarding Haitian asylum seekers

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Immigration Law

Recently, individuals from Haiti have been flocking to the United States border to seek asylum. U.S. law requires individuals seeking asylum to prove that they’re fleeing their home country due to persecution that stems from several social or political reasons. 

While it might seem as though most people would widely accept this program, many questions have arisen about it. The influx of asylum seekers has some wondering just how many will disappear within the country without the intent of going to an adjudication hearing in the future, often scheduled years out from when they first arrive.

Widespread disapproval

Within the Hispanic community, approximately 69% disapprove of how immigration is being handled. Around 41% note that the deportation of undocumented individuals isn’t aggressive enough. Interestingly, around 48% state that Haitian migrants shouldn’t be deported before being allowed to seek asylum.

Current U.S. law states that people who are seeking asylum must do so at the border. These individuals are taking a chance and are often desperate when they come to the U.S. Many have thought long and hard about how bad things are in their home country and feel as though their only chance at a safe and decent life is to leave everything they know to come to a new country.

Working through the immigration process isn’t always easy. Learning the laws and how to address case-specific challenges can be complex. For people who come into this country based on an asylum claim, trying to navigate things is often easier with the help of someone who’s familiar with the process. Enlisting assistance as early in the case as possible may be beneficial.