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The Dignity Act could offer new hope to immigrants

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Immigration Law

In February of 2022, Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar introduced a bill that would completely reform the nation’s current immigration policies. Deemed “The Dignity Act,” this bill is her answer to assisting the many undocumented immigrants who are currently in the United States.

Congresswoman Salazar examined the Immigration Control and Reform Act (IRCA) which was written back in 1986. Realizing that the IRCA was the last extensive immigration bill that has been written, she decided to write the proposed new bill.

What is The Dignity Act?

With The Dignity Act Salazar hopes to provide real solutions to current immigration problems. The bill would help both undocumented immigrants and immigrants who spend time here on seasonal work visas.

Salazar’s bill consists of three parts:

  • Secure the border by implementing funding to provide better border security technology and by hiring 3,000 more DHS security personnel to physically secure the border.
  • Create a program that would allow undocumented immigrants to remain in the country to work for up to 10 years. They would be required to pay $1,000 per year and the money would be used to fund a job-training program for current U.S. workers.
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for those who take part in The Dignity Act by offering them a five-year redemption program. This would provide them with an opportunity to become legalized U.S. citizens. Participants would be required to learn English, participate in volunteer activities, and pay an additional $7500 restitution fee. Combined with the yearly fee of $1,000 per year for 10 years, participants would end up paying $17, 500 in restitution.

The Dignity Act would allow undocumented workers to become legal citizens of the United States. As for now, anyone who is currently in the country illegally should consider consulting an experienced legal assistant to learn about their options.