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A healthy economy needs an immigrant workforce

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Immigration Law

The economic growth of the United States depends on an immigrant workforce. Many employers would not be able to function without them because immigrants often have the skills and experience that companies need.

There are many myths about immigrants, and one of the biggest is that they take jobs away from American citizens. The truth is that they help create jobs for everyone, and our economy needs them to survive.

The importance of immigrants in the workforce

In 2019, immigrants made up 17% of the workforce, and without immigrants, many businesses would struggle to find enough workers to meet their needs.

They help fill labor shortages, drive innovation, and contribute to the growth of businesses. For example, the agriculture industry relies heavily on immigrant workers. Without them, farms would struggle to harvest crops and bring them to market.

Immigrants are also more likely to start their own businesses and create new jobs than native-born Americans. They pay taxes and contribute to Social Security and Medicare. In other words, they are a net positive for the American economy.

Even though immigrant workers are essential to our economy, they often face challenges due to their status. Many are unaware of the laws and regulations that protect them, and as a result, they are often taken advantage of by their employers. Furthermore, the system is often unfair and confusing, making it difficult for immigrant workers to navigate.

If you are facing deportation or other problems because of your immigrant status, there are resources and support for protecting your rights and ensuring fair treatment.