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Could immigrants be the answer to the trucker shortage?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Immigration Law

It’s no surprise that the United States is in the midst of a crisis that could turn very bad very quickly. This crisis is the shortage of truckers to transport goods all across the country. As it stands now, there’s a shortage of approximately 80,000 truckers. That’s expected to double by 2030. This puts pressure on the economy and means that consumers could have to go without the goods they need. 

While individuals involved in the trucking industry are trying to find a way to slash that shortage, they might be overlooking a very obvious option for making it happen. Having immigrants come in to handle trucking tasks might not seem like something that would be feasible, but it could very well be just the answer the industry needs. 

Foreign truckers are eager to work

The conditions that truckers are faced with in this country are similar to those around the world. Many foreign truckers would welcome the opportunity to come to the United States. They could help make up for the shortfall that’s coming with truckers retiring and others leaving the industry because they’re unhappy with the working conditions. 

Canada is opening up the Canadian Express Entry system to truckers. This could help to relieve their shortage of truckers. The United States should consider doing the same, but for now, people interested in immigrating as truckers will have to deal with the regular immigration system in the United States. 

Coming to the United States as an immigrant might seem like a challenging undertaking, but working with someone familiar with these laws can help. If you’re planning on applying for immigration documentation, be sure you understand the process so you can meet all the requirements as easily as possible.