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Recent changes to green card applications

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Immigration Law

At the end of last year, on December 3 of 2022, the process of applying for a green card was altered. The government is putting out an updated version of the form that was already used for an adjustment of status, which is form I-485.

These changes are geared around determining if someone is likely to become a public charge while living in the United States. They may not be admissible as an immigrant if it seems likely that this will occur. This is done to reduce the burden that such immigration would have on government assistance programs.

What factors do they consider?

Reports indicate that the government is going to look for those who are primarily dependent on these types of assistance. The government looks at whether or not this individual would need income assistance and maintenance or if they’re likely to be institutionalized in some way, which the government would then have to pay for. If either of these things seem likely, it can hinder someone’s chances to immigrate.

What factors do you need to report?

When using this new form, you will be asked about the odds of becoming a public charge or if you’ve been one in the past, and then the government will require certain information from you. This includes things like:

  • ● The value of the assets you own.
  • ● All of the liabilities your household has.
  • ● What your annual income looks like.
  • ● The total size of your household.
  • ● The highest degree of school you finished.
  • ● Your work-related skills, licenses and certifications.
  • ● Whether or not you’ve gotten cash benefits in the past.
  • ● Whether or not you’ve been institutionalized by the government in the past.

These changes are already in effect, and the new forms are being used. These are updated details that are different from the previous administration’s, although they address many of the same points. It is very important for anyone involved in the immigration process to understand how this form has been altered and what legal steps they should take.