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Multiple states sue the federal government over asylum program

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Immigration Law

There are many ways for people to legally enter the United States of America, but many of the formal visa programs are subject to very high standards. Work visas can be very competitive, and many adults do not have the professional background or education required to qualify. Those who want to enter the country for their safety or the well-being of their loved ones often need to look into alternative options.

Asylum programs allow many people who are facing hardship in other countries to potentially enter the United States for their own protection, even if they can’t secure a visa. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can give special consideration to applicants from certain backgrounds who are fleeing unstable and dangerous countries.

Multiple states have sued the federal government over a new program

Recently, there has been conflict concerning an immigrant parole program that aims to offer asylum to thousands of at-risk foreign nationals. After there was an announcement of an immigration program that would allow up to 30,000 potential asylum seekers to enter the United States every month, 20 states worked together to file a lawsuit in response to that program.

In theory, only those from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua or Venezuela would be eligible for entry into the country via air travel, and the program would allow them to seek employment while living in the United States. The lawsuit seeks to block the implementation of this parole program.

Big immigration decisions could be on the horizon

Those seeking asylum or otherwise hoping to lawfully gain entry into the United States will likely worry that this lawsuit will harm their chances of success. Although the lawsuit will delay the implementation of the program, its resolution could potentially be beneficial for those hoping to secure asylum while fleeing one of the four countries targeted by this program.

Asylum is often not the only option for those who are hoping to leave an oppressive or unstable country, although it can sometimes be the fastest solution. Bringing in professional help to prepare documentation and evaluate a scenario can help those who are hoping to qualify for asylum and entry into the United States.