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What happens at a marriage green card interview?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Immigration Law

A green card can grant immigrants permanent residence in the United States. Immigrants can get green cards through a lottery, family, employment or education. Another common way immigrants get green cards is through marriage.

An immigrant may get a green card if they are sponsored by their spouse who is a U.S. resident. To get a green card, the immigrant will need to go through an interview. The interview intends to prove whether a marriage is legitimate. If the marriage isn’t fraudulent, the spouse can earn a green card.

If you’re planning on getting a green card, then it may help you to know what may be asked of you during a marriage green card interview. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

What do you know about your spouse?

Many of the questions asked of you will likely be related to your spouse and your marriage. It may start with how you and your spouse met and how it led to marriage. You may be asked where your wedding took place and if you had a honeymoon, for example.

You may also be asked for personal details about your spouse, such as things you would only know in a marriage. For example, you may be asked about your spouse’s education level, any of their previous marriages, where they work, their hobbies, if they have children from other relationships and their full name. 

What was your life like before and after you immigrated?

You will also likely be asked about your personal life. You may need to reveal details about your life before immigration, such as your work and family relations and what you did after immigrating. You may also be asked what type of hobbies you enjoy and your plans if you gain permanent residence in the U.S.

In many cases, the interviewer is looking for any indication that you aren’t being honest on your application, or trying to determine if there are any changes since you filed it. So long as everything matches up with their expectations, you should not have a problem.

Green card interviews can be stressful. You may need to learn about your legal options as you prepare for the next step in your life.