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What Is The Welcoming Florida Act?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | Immigration Law

Florida is known for having rather strict immigration laws. Some of these were recently put into place by the state legislature.

However, lawmakers have now proposed Senate Bill 1598, known as the “Welcoming Florida Act.” They say that they are trying to overturn some of these strict policies and make it easier for people to immigrate to Florida.

What changes would it make?

There are numerous potential changes in this bill, starting with changes to the way that hospital data is used. There are currently provisions for collecting data regarding a person’s immigration status when they get medical care. These provisions would be repealed by the Act.

Additionally, current employers are required to fire employees if they learn that they are illegal immigrants. The Welcoming Florida Act would remove this requirement, although employers would still have the ability to fire these employees if they so choose.

Is it going to pass?

It will be rather difficult for the Welcoming Florida Act to pass because the Florida legislature is controlled by the Republican party and this act is being proposed by the Democratic Party. Additionally, those involved in the situation say that it’s important to differentiate between people who have lived in Florida for a long time with the incorrect status and those who have recently entered the United States without being vetted “properly.”

There is no guarantee that this will pass, but it will be very important to keep an eye on it to see if it changes people’s rights and legal options in the future. It also helps to underscore some of the current immigration issues in Florida, as there are a number of other bills being considered at the same time.