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Are you hoping to reunite with a loved one who is living overseas, or do you want to explore the possibility of obtaining lawful status for a loved one who is already residing in the United States?

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Requirements for Family Immigration Petitions

The first step in the family-based immigration process is petitioning for a loved one. If you are a U.S. citizen, you can petition for your spouse or fiancé, parents, minor children, adult children (married or unmarried), and siblings. If you are a lawful permanent resident, you can petition for your spouse, minor children, and unmarried adult children.

Depending on whether you are a lawful permanent resident or a U.S. citizen, and depending on which relative you petitioned for, there may be a wait for a “visa number” to become available to your relative. In addition, your relative may need a waiver of inadmissibility before they can immigrate.

Visas for an immediate relative, or IR, are unlimited.

Immediate relatives to a U.S. citizen include:

  • IR-1 - Spouse
  • IR-2 - Unmarried child under 21 years old
  • IR-3 - Orphan adopted abroad
  • IR-4 - Orphan to be adopted
  • IR-5 - Parent (if U.S. citizen is at least 21 years old)

In comparison, family preference visas are limited, with yearly limitations.

Family preference categories for visas include:

  • F1 - Unmarried and/or minor children of U.S. citizens
  • F2 - Spouses and unmarried children older than 21 of lawful permanent residents
  • F3 - Married children of U.S. citizens, along with their spouse(s) and their own minor children
  • F4 - Siblings of U.S. citizens, along with their spouse(s) and their own minor children

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